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Regal Dolly Dolly

This was in my top five picks from this year’s Dead Albatross shortlist.

Dolly Dolly (aka David Yates). The album is called ‘Antimacassar’ and the track ‘Pearls (feat Regal Worm)’. Off the wall, but you’ve got to love the words and delivery. I also love the grooves on this particular track, but the whole album is worth a listen.


Dale Cornish

A change of pace, but here’s a bit of soundscapism that Future Music FM just introduced me to (Numbers Broadcast ‏show, @1234Broadcast).

Entr’acte is/are a label, I think, with a whole host of wierd and wonderful sounds of the ambient, soundscape, background noise variety (that I’ve heard so far). And when I say background noise, I’m talking about stretching it so far as to what the back entrance to a restaurant kitchen might sound like.

But in an oddly compelling way.

The video is for ‘E171’, by Dale Cornish. Or it’s called Xeric (E171). Or something else.

Either way it’s fairly new. May 2014.