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Give It Up

‘Give It Up’ by Kutiman,

Whilst not a commercial enterprise per se*, not everyone will be keen on this guy using their clips without prior permission (is publicity enough?). That said, the end result is a nice sounding track. The internet seems to like it, too.

*Although, if he makes money subsequently on other professional projects, enhanced by a reputation built using unlicensed samples, do these folks get a cut?


Heart Stop

Not sure about the video, but a nice little track.

‘Heart Stop’ by Wax Tailor feat Jennifer Charles, on the 2012 album ‘Dusty Rainbow From The Dark’.


‘Firewall’ (feat. Anneka) by Blue Daisy, on Black Acre Records. This one actually has elements of Portishead meets Massive Attack trip hop. But a bit dubbier, perhaps. Album is ‘The Sunday Gift’ released in 2011.

A few good tracks around by this London-based dj.