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Don’t You Know

A bit of chilled out funk, this is ‘Don’t You Know’ by Jan Hammer Group.

Heard this 70s group for the first time on a show tonight, but I realise I already knew one of Jan Hammer’s earlier projects, Mahavishnu Orchestra (check out the far more frenetic 1971 album ‘The Inner Mounting Flame‘).

The opening groove on this track sold it for me from the start, but the lyrics and rest of it are pretty smooth too. Reminds me of some of the more laid-back numbers from the likes of more contemporary bands such as General Elektriks (also led by a keys player).

Having a browse, there are a few attempts at edit/remixes of this tune, some at over six minutes, but this is the original and I think does the job just fine.


Get Ready

A bit of soul/jazz from Germany.

This is ‘Get Ready’ feat. Karl Frierson, by The Hi-Fly Orchestra on Agogo Records (2013).

MIMS Guest Mix: NEIL BOPPERSON (WahWah45’s, UK)

I don’t usually post full mixes on here (follow me on Mixcloud if you want to catch all that) but this is an absolutely brilliant mix of jazz/funk/soul I had to share – a guest mix from the house of Wah Wah 45s no less, for Music Is My Sanctuary – two of may favourite sources of great beats combined!