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Future Music 20

A sci-fi soundtrack special for show number 20. More classical than techno this time, if you like that sort of thing, although there’s still a bit on the electronic side of things.

Hans Zimmer and James Horner understandably make a couple of appearances, although that wasn’t deliberate.

The soundtrack for the Total Recall remake was a bit of a surprise, actually. While I prefer the original film, the music of the 2012 version has its moments.


Alex North –  Main Theme [2001: A Space Odyssey]
Hans Zimmer – Stay [Interstellar]
Clint Mansell – Welcome to Lunar Industries [Moon]
Ennio Morricone – Humanity Pt. 2 [The Thing (1982)]
Alan Silvestri – Main Title [Predator]
Harry Gregson-Williams – The Dream [Total Recall (2012)]
Rob D – Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Mix) [The Matrix]
John Carpenter – Main Theme [Escape from New York]
James Horner – Main Title [Alien]
James Horner – Spock (Dies) [Star Trek II]
Peter Schickele & Joan Baez – Rejoice in the Sun [Silent Running]
Brian May – End Title [Mad Max 2]
Tykwer, Klimek & Heil – End Title [Cloud Atlas]
Vangelis – Tears in Rain [Blade Runner]


“It is done”

A very quick note. Have finished a first draft of Book Three. It will need more work in a few places and may well end up substantially more than my initial outline for the story, but the ideas are now on the page.

Now to go back to editing number two. I’ll give three a bit of time to cool off.


Saw Interstellar tonight and, wow, what a film. Chris Nolan’s Inception was amazing. This is even bigger and grander, with some amazing sequences. Not going to say any more about the film itself, but the soundtrack (like Inception) is awesome.

Here’s Hans Zimmer, doing his thing again.

Book Three

I rarely post anything about works in progress, but this is a very quick update on ‘Book Three’*. More sci fi. Same universe. Different characters.

After an unplanned break combined with various summer distractions, am getting back into the swing and almost 60k words in. Maybe another 20/25k to go. Not quite the home stretch, but hopefully nearly almost at or over the last set of hurdles.

While one and two were pretty solid as first drafts (IMO), this story has proven a damn sight more complicated. I’m pretty sure there will be the pay-off, but only after a decent bit of editing/re-writing. That said, am also having fun exploring the current plot line which is turning a bit more chilling/unnerving/demented. There is also snow and trees (see above picture of snow and trees).

Which reminds me – I need to finish a first pass at editing Home at some point…


*It does have a title, but I’m just not telling.


So… even though I’m in the middle of writing book three, I’ve decided that book two (Home) has languished long enough on the hard drive and needs to start getting pitched. A bit more reviewing and editing needed, but aside from that (and the usual synopsis) I was pretty happy with how this turned out from the outset. A more complex story than the first, and about ten thousand words longer.

Whatever happens, will put it out on Kindle a little later in the year, to give Solitary some company. By which point I’ll have a first draft of my current work in progress, ‘Mind’.

The one-word titles continue…