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Future Music 27

This show kicks off with a bit of a Latin theme, from Japanese tango to Venezuelan rock, before moving into the more electronic side of things.


Pecera – Caminando
Banderas – Tema de Banderas
Chacal – CUCU
Los Asteroide – Lazer
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – Voluntad de Los Ciegos
heklAa – Arros
Greenwood Rhythm Coalition – Tabaco y Ron (TM Juke Party Breaks)
Appart – Hola Que Tal
Richie Brains – Tantrum
Monty – Late Night Witness
Dirty Beatniks – Hypnotisin’
Oudeis – Repent
Deapmash & Raito – Compressed Quantum Vision
heskinradiophonic – The Suffolk Owl


Future Music 21

Quite a mix of genres this week. Starts off with a nice vocal number from Lutine and goes through dubstep, beats, electronica, a Marilyn Mansun remix, some atmospheric rock from the film Only Lovers Left Alive (highly recommended), before finishing with some dark drum n bass and some pretty ugly breakcore. The last track features David Cameron humming, which is nice.


Lutine – So It Goes
Violet7rip – No Freedom II
cyclic_db – The Panic Sets In
NoGht – A Chinese Woman Who Sells Solid State Pure Jam In Seoul
Eisentanz – Meson
Temisan Adoki – M2
Marilyn Manson – This Is The New Shit (Goldfrapp Mix)
SQÜRL – This Is Your Wilderness
Peak Oil Hypothesis – Deep Down (Slow Burn Mix By Skin Contact)
Diasiva – Resist
Killyjoy – Doonside Pilates
ingie – Doot Dooooo Doot Doo (fuck this mix) feat. David Cameron


Have been meaning to post this album for a few days, but discovered it just before Christmas and have been a bit busy since.

It came out in November and is called ‘Gamification’ by Midwich Youth Club – one of the guises of Allan R Murphy.

A little gem of an album, which I bought after only halfway through the second track. Some great sounds, driving rocky guitar riffs, and top notch electronics. Having heard just a few of the other albums, I think this is currently my favourite, but there is more exploring to be done.

Have a listen!


‘Summertime’ by Boston-based band Bugs and Rats. From their 2010 album ‘Adidas’. Some nice, driving guitar work on this track.

They also put a new album out this year, called ‘s/t’. Initially not as keen on it after a quick listen, but I think it might be a grower.

A little deranged, but oddly catchy at times.