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Old school, but this is Primal Scream’s 1997 classic ‘Kowalski’ in memory of their guitarist Robert Young.

Inspired by/samples Vanishing Point (1971), which is an awesome film, if you haven’t seen it.


Melt Yourself Down

Another video with a serious strobe warning.

‘Fix My Life’ by Melt Yourself Down.

Metal-style bass and percussion line, some distorted sax over the top, and a middle eastern feel thrown in for good measure.


Seriously though, maybe best not to watch the video. I tried, but it kept on making me feel sick…

The Class of 73 Bells (and a sad note)

‘The Class of 73 Bells’, from Prefuse 73 with School of Seven Bells, on Warp Records.

First heard this jump into the middle of a cracking mix, with some really interesting sounding vocals helping it stand out from the crowd.

Sadly, looking up the band again, I see that one of the founding members, Benjamin Curtis, died from cancer just a few months ago (Dec ‘13).

Se Dice Bisonte, No Búfalo

Omar Rodriguez Lopez.

Simply extraordinary stuff.

First heard the track ‘If Gravity Lulls I Can Hear The World Pant’ on a brilliant Mixcloud mix. This one is arguably even better.

‘Se Dice Bisonte, No Búfalo’ (apparently), the title track from the album released in 2007 on Gold Standard Labs.

Listen to all of it. Devour. Ponder.

Or not.