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++strobe warning++

This video is pretty terrifying, but is absolutely appropriate for a song I heard just tonight on a three year-old mix from French show the Voice Of Cassandre, which randomly popped up on my Mixcloud playlist. This is ‘Prism Portraits’ by MYTHS, a now disbanded project by a Canadian duo Lief Hall and Quinne Rodgers (although who seem to be doing their own things musically elsewhere, which after a cursory listen also sound pretty good).

Utterly brilliant, shouty, electronic ragemusic.

Enjoy, but maybe don’t look directly at it for too long.



A brand new techno(?) track out today from Chicago’s POLYFUSE (which always seems to be in caps).

Entitled ‘TM 55​-​1520​-​210​-​CL’ it’s just the single for the moment, but always worth a listen. Usually at the scraggier end of the musical spectrum.

The Powers That B

Oh, Death Grips. You tricky fucksters.

If you believe the hype, then the ‘much anticipated’ second part (Jenny Death) of two-parter album The Powers That B, is being released at the end of this month. This is one of the tracks, which they have kindly posted on YouTube in advance.

Hoping that they keep going despite the break-up announced last year. And then releasing an album.

And another one.

And also a couple of videos….

Update: The full album is now available here.

Death Grips


Death Grips. A study in cataclysmic techno fuck-up heavy beats, with absurd levels of hype and don’t give a fuck.

Broken up. Not broken up. Broken up. Not broken up.
Broken up. Not broken up. Broken up. Not broken up.
Broken up. Not broken up. (repeat ad lib)

Ok, fellahs. We surrender. You win.


I am not even sure what genre this is. Spasmodic? Deranged? 

Whatever the category, I feel it is the type of music which does not play well with others.

It may even steal their lunch money. Or more likely eat their sandwiches.

This is one of many awesome tracks from a recent Darkfloor session with DEFCE. Truly one of the baddest, bestest technoey sets I have heard. 

This is ‘Skull Demo’ by Limewax.


Angles & Devils

So, sticking with the Death Grips theme, this is the charmingly-titled ‘Fuck a Bitch’ by The Bug (aka London-based Kevin Martin) on Ninja Tunes (2014).

It’s from the album Angles & Devils, released in August, and features Death Grips. Having given a cursory listen the rest of the album, I think this is one of the better tracks. As one of the comments on YouTube points out, it sounds pretty much like standalone Death Grips.

Not one of the most amazing tracks I’ve posted here, but just curious to see what kind of collaborations the Death Grips team have been doing. As people ask, have they *really* broken up? Will they be back?