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Just a quick post with an awesome video for a dark, minimal track. This is ‘Stave’ by Eric Holm on Subtext Recordings. Sounds like the rest of the EP is similarly full of dread. Time to delve in.

h/t DVNT


Cold beats

This is some pretty dark ambient stuff from Swedish composer Simon Heath. Part of project called Atrium Carceri, initially put out on Cold Meat Industry records, but later moving to his own label Cryo Chamber in 2011.

This track, called ‘A Place to Call Home’, is from the 2007 album Ptahil.

Heard this in a mix earlier and think I’ll have to check out the rest of his stuff. Listening to the rest of that album would be a start…

Rapid Eye Movement

I bought this album in Chicago the year it came out (2004). Hadn’t given it a listen in ages, but here you go. It’s called ‘Juxtapositon’ by an Austrian outfit by the name of Radian.

Minimal, with a nice mix of synth and what sounds like live instruments. Cool kit work, brushes etc. This track is one of my favourites, called ‘Rapid Eye Movement’.