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Future Music 27

This show kicks off with a bit of a Latin theme, from Japanese tango to Venezuelan rock, before moving into the more electronic side of things.


Pecera – Caminando
Banderas – Tema de Banderas
Chacal – CUCU
Los Asteroide – Lazer
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – Voluntad de Los Ciegos
heklAa – Arros
Greenwood Rhythm Coalition – Tabaco y Ron (TM Juke Party Breaks)
Appart – Hola Que Tal
Richie Brains – Tantrum
Monty – Late Night Witness
Dirty Beatniks – Hypnotisin’
Oudeis – Repent
Deapmash & Raito – Compressed Quantum Vision
heskinradiophonic – The Suffolk Owl


To com Saudade

Not sure that I’d heard of Frikstailers until today, but have been listening to this track almost non-stop ever since.

‘To com Saudade’ by Frikstailers ft. MC Maiquinho.

Nice, steppy, latin beats, with some suitably-wobbly bass and MC lyrics I can’t understand but like the sound of.

Having since listened to some of their other stuff, I can say it’s by no means all as catchy, but that doesn’t stop this track from being awesome. Interestingly, it’s not even from one of their own albums (as far as I can see). It’s from a 2009 compilation ‘Daniel Haaksman presents Funk Mundial’ – which I might have to have a listen to too.

Anyways, Frikstailers are currently on ZZK Records.