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Future Music 37

A bit late posting this but show 37 starts with a healthy dose of techno, before getting a bit more abstract and industrial. Mostly new stuff and from artists all over the world, including UK, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico and Russia.


Future Music 34

After a smoother start to the year, this week is pretty much all techno, including more than a few tracks from Germany and the Netherlands, as well as a couple of noisy numbers from Canada and Russia.


Into The Pale Abyss – Synthesis Her
SiJ & Textere Oris – Patios
Schuw – We Won’t Hurt You
OLVR/KCRA – GHSTS (Vønshk Remix)
Gijensu – Sthlm Lovestory
Shkedul – Materiale
Wirrwarr – Void The C-Stem (VSK Remix)
Edison’s Medicine – Jean Baptiste (Yakona Remix)
(SB)[51] – Spiritus Mundix
DJ Emerson – 12 Monkeys (Rawdub version)
Mia Grobelny – IVY
WaterMelonDead – Arctic Circle (Feat. Hellen Rubinshtein)

A German Love and S/Ka

I was going to message myself as a reminder for two tracks I’m thinking about including in the next show, then realised I should probably just post them here.

Both released this year and on the sort-of techno/industrial side.

The first with a lot of talking over the top (by Ancient Methods, who did a remix of something I posted a little while ago, on Metaphysik).

The other not so much (by Simon Shreeve on Hardwax records).


Future Music 21

Quite a mix of genres this week. Starts off with a nice vocal number from Lutine and goes through dubstep, beats, electronica, a Marilyn Mansun remix, some atmospheric rock from the film Only Lovers Left Alive (highly recommended), before finishing with some dark drum n bass and some pretty ugly breakcore. The last track features David Cameron humming, which is nice.


Lutine – So It Goes
Violet7rip – No Freedom II
cyclic_db – The Panic Sets In
NoGht – A Chinese Woman Who Sells Solid State Pure Jam In Seoul
Eisentanz – Meson
Temisan Adoki – M2
Marilyn Manson – This Is The New Shit (Goldfrapp Mix)
SQÜRL – This Is Your Wilderness
Peak Oil Hypothesis – Deep Down (Slow Burn Mix By Skin Contact)
Diasiva – Resist
Killyjoy – Doonside Pilates
ingie – Doot Dooooo Doot Doo (fuck this mix) feat. David Cameron

Future Music 18

My latest show for Future Music FM. Starts off with some really quite lovely vocal electronica, runs through beats, breaks and techno, before finishing with some Russian breakcore (which is either borderline unlistenable or the best track I’ve heard in ages). 05/06/2016


Emilie Zoé – My Shadow On The Wall
Ingrid Lukas – We Are
Clark – Growls Garden
Sleeptalks – Bamalam
Arshaw – Balafon Riddim
Bovaflux – Sikamore
Alexandroid – Olainfarm
Meat Katie – Bizarre Is Beautiful
Clouds – Consciousness (Randomer Remix)
Kleqq – Driver
DaGeneral and Crossfader – Player (Luke Creed Remix)
Noistruct – No Mate (Original Version)
Arachno Purgatory – Omen Of The Curse

Future Music #15 24.04.16

The latest show for Future Music FM. A bit of techno, industrial and the like. Thought I’d kick off with a version of #GSTQ by the Sex Pistols, given it was her birthday recently…


Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen (Neil Barnes Remix)
soldout – About you
ZenOva – Eye of Provedence
Goatzill4 – Rising Sun
ΖΛΛΞVV – Balamuc Extra
Nonima – Dian Lun
MEZE – Ugly From Within
Detail – Shiver
Scuba – Aphids
cyclic_db – fritha
Andy Stott – Selfish
Acidic Autumn – Clash n’ Burn
Indus Bronze – Rinne (Demo 170)


This is one of the most interesting tracks I’ve heard in weeks, courtesy of a mix from Textbeak (a regular on Future Music FM).

The Soft Moon – ‘Being’ (Ancient Methods Remix) (2016)

I guess this is mostly industrial. Love the chord progression, which itself is not too heavy, but contrasts then with the vocals, drums and FX which give it a nice edge. Will have to check out the rest.

Sounds like a clip or two from the film Memento as well.