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Future Music 33

Given this show was due to go out on Future Music FM on New Year’s Day, I thought I’d better tone down the industrial techno and breakcore side of things, so this is a smoother show than usual, with a mix of beats, ambient and house to ease you into 2017. Mostly. Happy New Year!


Beastie Boys – I Don’t Know
The unused word – Lava
Mas – Hélas
Ex-Easter Island Head – Mallet Guitars Three Third Movement
Room of Wires – Used
Ingrid Lukas – We Are Remix 2
cyclic_db – ink
Cristian Vogel – Bootstraps
CRi – Sleeping on a Wave
Crisopa – Planets With Lava Oceans
The Natural History Museum – Daga Gadol (Sunken Foal RMX)
Micol Danieli – Micol Danieli XP001 [Feat ANB]
Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal
Clark – The Pining, Part 2
DSO8 – Goodbye



Interesting number, with a cool groove and a darker undertone. ‘Pride’ by Adesse Versions. Pretty sure the vocals are Chaka Khan in Tell Me Something Good. Works for me, anyway…

Released in March 2015 on Numbers Records so has had a fair bit of airtime since.

Joe Le Taxi

Liking this. ‘Joe Le Taxi’ by Hanayo (2002, Japan). Quite a cool little beat.

Originally sung by Vanessa Paradis, but this version sounds much better…

(Earlier, better YouTube link was deleted so has been changed)


Liberty City

Heard this in a mix today and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s something fairly recent. But it ain’t. All the way back from Miami in 1992, but would be right at home on the dance floor right now.

Some Lovin’ by Liberty City, on Murk Records. Liberty City was Ralph Falcón and Oscar Gaetan, who it seems more often went by the name ‘Murk’. Some US chart success in the late nineties and early noughties. They’re still going.

Simple changes, a cool bassline, understated vocals pitched just right. A nice package.


So this came out a couple of weeks ago, ‘Diversion’ by Bulgaria’s KiNK, from the EP ‘Cloud Generator’ on Running Back records. All totally decent and lovely to start, but the more meaty bassline at three minutes won me over.

Crooks and Crookers

So this is a bit more on the housey/electro side of things, apparently, but has some decent techno beats underneath.

‘Sgeddo’ feat. Zombie Nation by Crookers (aka Francesco Barbaglia), from the album Sixteen Chapel on his own label, Ciao Records (2014).