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Turn From The Grave

If the shouty rage of Death Grips is too much for you, you may appreciate this truly excellent release from a US/Japan duo called Wep One and Timmo, available on a French-based label HELLO.L.A. on Bandcamp. It’s pay what you want, but it’s really well produced and worth a listen.

The seven-track release also builds really nicely, so is a great collection of tunes in a time when these days you often just skip through to the mp3 you really like. This may well be explained by the fact it’s also available as a tape release.

Thanks to another tape label, RANO, for putting this on my radar.


Cat Treats

This is from California-based Bil Bless, with an awesome electronica/hip-hoppy feel. ‘Cat Treats’ from the unfairly-titled ‘The Pointless Album’ which came out in November last year.

A few nice tunes, with some more along the lines of breakbeat later on, but this one grabbed my attention. Love the change around 1,18 which brings in the orchestral-style distorted guitar (and then again later).

Betty Ford Boys

I have heard this track in mixes a couple of times now, so nabbed the album (purchase number four relating to the earlier Bandcamp tweet).

It’s ‘The Symphony (Jeeep Volume)’ by the German group ‘Betty Ford Boys’. The album came out in November and is a lovely mix of hip hop, breaks and smooth sounds, called ‘Retox’ on Melting Pot Music. Seems to be a suitable title given it’s New Year’s Eve.

Speaking of which, this will be my last post on here for 2014. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and listening. Whatever you’re doing tonight to celebrate (even if it’s quietly reading a book by the fire), have an awesome time. More to come in 2015.

Party on!

Angles & Devils

So, sticking with the Death Grips theme, this is the charmingly-titled ‘Fuck a Bitch’ by The Bug (aka London-based Kevin Martin) on Ninja Tunes (2014).

It’s from the album Angles & Devils, released in August, and features Death Grips. Having given a cursory listen the rest of the album, I think this is one of the better tracks. As one of the comments on YouTube points out, it sounds pretty much like standalone Death Grips.

Not one of the most amazing tracks I’ve posted here, but just curious to see what kind of collaborations the Death Grips team have been doing. As people ask, have they *really* broken up? Will they be back?

On The Moon

Boom! The almighty (and moderately deranged) Death Grips has pumped out a new album. Online. For free.

Bjork features on this one, apparently, perhaps in the form of some pretty short and fx-heavy vocal samples.

Hip hop meets techno meets industrial meets general angryness.

Which is nice.

More please.