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Future Music 39

Catching up with posting latest shows…

A little less from the dark side this time and show 39 kicks off with a bit of of samba (no, really), before moving through IDM, electronica, ‘low-fi synthpop’ and even a touch of breakcore. One glitch track was almost picked on the grounds of its title alone, but not quite. There is some obligatory techno, as ever.



I’ve been away for a bit, so the blog’s been a bit quiet, but I’m back now and it’s shaping up to be a busier few weeks on the music front. Hopefully will have a couple of interviews lined up shortly, but I also have the joy of chewing through the shortlist for the Dead Albatross music prize, which was announced last week.

In the meantime, this is my new favourite thing – ‘Movement’ by Dam Mantle, on Growing Records (2010). Some superior glitch music with a lovely build.

h/t Codex of Plant Responses