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Future Music 40

This show starts off with a bit of a dubstep vibe, before delving into the more abstract, techno and occasionally dark side of things. Features some excellent sampling of Deckard Cain from the game Diablo, which always wins points with me.


Future Music 37

A bit late posting this but show 37 starts with a healthy dose of techno, before getting a bit more abstract and industrial. Mostly new stuff and from artists all over the world, including UK, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico and Russia.

Arrow Bee’s Backwards Mirror

A new release from Wizards Tell Lies, with four demo tracks and four live improvisations.

Some atmospheric stuff, from the abstract and horror side, through to the more guitar/bass-driven and then closing with some more thoughtful and reflective sounds. Like the artwork too.

On their usual Simiman Sound label via Bandcamp. Always worth a listen, so was exciting to get my ears around something new.

Was also pleasantly surprised this evening to see I even get an honourable mention (along with many others) in the ‘thanks’ section. Cheers for that, folks – happy to support as ever!