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Future Music 40

This show starts off with a bit of a dubstep vibe, before delving into the more abstract, techno and occasionally dark side of things. Features some excellent sampling of Deckard Cain from the game Diablo, which always wins points with me.


Future Music 28

A fair bit of Russian dubstep in this show, and definitely a couple of darker tracks compared with the Latin vibes of the show #27, but a mix of other styles as ever. Also a brief trip to the 80s with Tears For Fears.


Reform-1 – The Other #1
Dementio13 – This Is Freefall
Audiovoid – Sometime All The Time
E110101 – 000037
Democide – Requis
Shadowcomplex – Scare Tactics (Shcuro Infiltration Tactic Remix)
Violet7rip – Empty hearts
Πлачь Ʒемля – Волколак
Tears For Fears – Shout
Ikarus – Ryuujin
Shape Worship – Tamesis (Laura Cannell remix)
Letmeknowyouanatole – Goodnight

Future Music 27

This show kicks off with a bit of a Latin theme, from Japanese tango to Venezuelan rock, before moving into the more electronic side of things.


Pecera – Caminando
Banderas – Tema de Banderas
Chacal – CUCU
Los Asteroide – Lazer
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – Voluntad de Los Ciegos
heklAa – Arros
Greenwood Rhythm Coalition – Tabaco y Ron (TM Juke Party Breaks)
Appart – Hola Que Tal
Richie Brains – Tantrum
Monty – Late Night Witness
Dirty Beatniks – Hypnotisin’
Oudeis – Repent
Deapmash & Raito – Compressed Quantum Vision
heskinradiophonic – The Suffolk Owl

Future Music 21

Quite a mix of genres this week. Starts off with a nice vocal number from Lutine and goes through dubstep, beats, electronica, a Marilyn Mansun remix, some atmospheric rock from the film Only Lovers Left Alive (highly recommended), before finishing with some dark drum n bass and some pretty ugly breakcore. The last track features David Cameron humming, which is nice.


Lutine – So It Goes
Violet7rip – No Freedom II
cyclic_db – The Panic Sets In
NoGht – A Chinese Woman Who Sells Solid State Pure Jam In Seoul
Eisentanz – Meson
Temisan Adoki – M2
Marilyn Manson – This Is The New Shit (Goldfrapp Mix)
SQÜRL – This Is Your Wilderness
Peak Oil Hypothesis – Deep Down (Slow Burn Mix By Skin Contact)
Diasiva – Resist
Killyjoy – Doonside Pilates
ingie – Doot Dooooo Doot Doo (fuck this mix) feat. David Cameron

Future Music 19

While this show starts off with a more housey number than usual, with a quick dip into hip-hop, it soon gets into some heavy beats and the more abstract and drone side of things (with one track on reflection offering a pretty hefty homage to Andy Stott). Finishes with an inevitable nod to the impending EU referendum vote. 19/06/16


Cri – Why I Love You (ft. Ouri & Odile Myrtil)
Bil Bless – the Top of Nowhere
Djar One – Gimme that (ft. Venomous2000)
Grapefruit – Heaven’s Gate
Room of Wires  – Input7
Andres Komatsu – Gibaud
Keepsakes  – Here Comes Grandad
Mas – Kholat Syakhl
Kyle Monroe – A Dead Sea
LDUK – The Final Countdown (Dubstep Remix)

Future Music FM #16 08.05.16

Show 16 for Future Music FM starts of with something moderately heavy and sort-of metallic from Russia, before going variously through dubstep (or ‘trap’?), mostly techno, something a bit more abstract and then a couple of more upbeat numbers to finish, including a nice little number from Japan. Not much talking this show!


Spanky – Tears (Intro)
Fu*king Great – Left 4 Dead
Temisan Adoki – Untitled
ABSOLV – Absolution
Parrish Smith – Revolution Will Always Be Televised
Gragee Pikanen – Elexir
Paintrain – Origins
Ceren Tekno – Haarp
Klammklang – Net
Subrealms – Exit
Cwtch – I Drove To The River
Kenta Tamaya – そのぬくもりが (Its Warmth)

Future Music #15 24.04.16

The latest show for Future Music FM. A bit of techno, industrial and the like. Thought I’d kick off with a version of #GSTQ by the Sex Pistols, given it was her birthday recently…


Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen (Neil Barnes Remix)
soldout – About you
ZenOva – Eye of Provedence
Goatzill4 – Rising Sun
ΖΛΛΞVV – Balamuc Extra
Nonima – Dian Lun
MEZE – Ugly From Within
Detail – Shiver
Scuba – Aphids
cyclic_db – fritha
Andy Stott – Selfish
Acidic Autumn – Clash n’ Burn
Indus Bronze – Rinne (Demo 170)