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Future Music 19

While this show starts off with a more housey number than usual, with a quick dip into hip-hop, it soon gets into some heavy beats and the more abstract and drone side of things (with one track on reflection offering a pretty hefty homage to Andy Stott). Finishes with an inevitable nod to the impending EU referendum vote. 19/06/16


Cri – Why I Love You (ft. Ouri & Odile Myrtil)
Bil Bless – the Top of Nowhere
Djar One – Gimme that (ft. Venomous2000)
Grapefruit – Heaven’s Gate
Room of Wires  – Input7
Andres Komatsu – Gibaud
Keepsakes  – Here Comes Grandad
Mas – Kholat Syakhl
Kyle Monroe – A Dead Sea
LDUK – The Final Countdown (Dubstep Remix)



This is ‘Analog’, an absolutely wonderful 39 minutes of shifting electronica, drones and synths from Black Classical and The Revenant Sea (aka Wizards Tell Lies) on the net label Pathmusick.

From the all-too-brief nod to John Carpenter on Side A (in my mind anyway, think Escape from New York), to Aphex Twin-esque breaks, to self-styled ‘scrapemetaldrones’, I think it actually gets better with repeat listening. And most things usually get bonus points for sampling radio comms from space missions – in this case the crew of Apollo 8 in lunar orbit reading from the Book of Genesis on Christmas Eve, 1968.*

The physical tape has some nice touches too:

‘A limited run Purple tape release… with a Free vintage copy of Analog (some from 86 / 62 / 63) magazine to read and enjoy whilst listening. Packaged in a Silver Anti-static zip bag.’

Sorry to say I’m still slumming it/staying mobile (delete as appropriate) with the MP3s and haven’t yet retrieved my tape player from The Shire (if it still works). If P.L.X.T.X ever sends me a blood-stamped demo, then I might yet get around to it.

*A side note but worth a mention, under the circumstances. The Apollo 8 mission included Jim Lovell (the second speaker in the video below) as command module pilot, who would later go on to become commander of Apollo 13. The score of Ron Howard’s film Apollo 13 was written by James Horner.

Arrow Bee’s Backwards Mirror

A new release from Wizards Tell Lies, with four demo tracks and four live improvisations.

Some atmospheric stuff, from the abstract and horror side, through to the more guitar/bass-driven and then closing with some more thoughtful and reflective sounds. Like the artwork too.

On their usual Simiman Sound label via Bandcamp. Always worth a listen, so was exciting to get my ears around something new.

Was also pleasantly surprised this evening to see I even get an honourable mention (along with many others) in the ‘thanks’ section. Cheers for that, folks – happy to support as ever!