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Future Music 26

This show starts off with a few tracks from albums shortlisted for this year’s Dead Albatross music prize, with some dancehall, dub and beats. Dead Albatross is a community-run competition for new UK and Irish music, with the occasional re-release. I’ve been involved the last couple of years as part of the growing group of people who try to work out their top picks from the shortlist and it’s a lot of fun so wanted to play a few tracks for this show.

The second half focuses on more up-tempo stuff, mostly with some newer breaks and DnB to round things off.


Miss Red – Sugar

Melt Yourself Down – Dot To Dot
Onoe Caponoe – Vapours In Abyss
Creation Rebel & New Age Steppers – Chemical Specialist
Floating Points – Preoration Six
Appart – Un Monde Neuf et Beau
Meat Katie – Next Life
Chimpo – Bedsprings Riddim
Miss Keit – Riffen
Fractale – Pollution
Rainforest – The Returned
Any Colour You Like – Dawn Whispers


Future Music 21

Quite a mix of genres this week. Starts off with a nice vocal number from Lutine and goes through dubstep, beats, electronica, a Marilyn Mansun remix, some atmospheric rock from the film Only Lovers Left Alive (highly recommended), before finishing with some dark drum n bass and some pretty ugly breakcore. The last track features David Cameron humming, which is nice.


Lutine – So It Goes
Violet7rip – No Freedom II
cyclic_db – The Panic Sets In
NoGht – A Chinese Woman Who Sells Solid State Pure Jam In Seoul
Eisentanz – Meson
Temisan Adoki – M2
Marilyn Manson – This Is The New Shit (Goldfrapp Mix)
SQÜRL – This Is Your Wilderness
Peak Oil Hypothesis – Deep Down (Slow Burn Mix By Skin Contact)
Diasiva – Resist
Killyjoy – Doonside Pilates
ingie – Doot Dooooo Doot Doo (fuck this mix) feat. David Cameron


I think this is classified as ‘banging’.

Possibly offensive.

Although offensive banging doesn’t sound right.

Anyways, this is an occasionally brutal techno track with a drizzling of DnB.

Liberties by Mono-Amine, on Lausanne-based Agnost1k Records. Out just a few days ago.


I’ve posted something from Blackout Music NL before, but came across them again recently and think it’s worth another.* Lots of juicy drum and bass goodness, generally at the slightly more raw end of the spectrum.

Plenty of tunes to check out. This is ‘Magnetism’ by Mefjus & Rido (Austria/Czech Republic).

*Was re-listening to Machinecode’s album ‘Samurai‘, and got sucked into what else the artists were up to. Still, hands down, one of the best albums I’ve heard for a while.