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Future Music 35

After a pretty noisy show last time, this one starts off a bit more on the deep house side, before going through ambient, IDM, electronica and a dash of techno.


Tim Jackman – Smaragd
MRMVN – K3rn3l
Oudeis – Igneous flash
Meat Katie & Ben Coda – Just Quiet
Silikat – 2Pad (Hetan Remix)
Ariadne’s Labyrinth – Music Machine
PRCA – Detached Enlightenment and the Killing Machine
Shkedul – ID91
Glenn Wilson – Boot Up Protocol
Entaclishus – Memoria
Heskinradiophonic – Little England


Future Music 34

After a smoother start to the year, this week is pretty much all techno, including more than a few tracks from Germany and the Netherlands, as well as a couple of noisy numbers from Canada and Russia.


Into The Pale Abyss – Synthesis Her
SiJ & Textere Oris – Patios
Schuw – We Won’t Hurt You
OLVR/KCRA – GHSTS (Vønshk Remix)
Gijensu – Sthlm Lovestory
Shkedul – Materiale
Wirrwarr – Void The C-Stem (VSK Remix)
Edison’s Medicine – Jean Baptiste (Yakona Remix)
(SB)[51] – Spiritus Mundix
DJ Emerson – 12 Monkeys (Rawdub version)
Mia Grobelny – IVY
WaterMelonDead – Arctic Circle (Feat. Hellen Rubinshtein)

Future Music 31

This show all about the beats, with a choice selection of techno, breaks and house. Not so much on the ambient side this week, but a few tasty smooth tunes.


Mansa ’91 – Chuku (Aluphobia & tshabee Remix)
Dark Sky – IYP
LKY – Ridicule
Yung Acid – Boppin’
Marla Singer – Chaos Project
Ben Blash – Métalomane
Tim Jackman – Omnipotent Indigo
Discotopia – Loss Of Connection
Dugdale – Astroplaning
Diogo Ferreira – Dark Alleys (Original Mix)
Goreshit – Like It Was

Partysmartie – Party Tape Mix Tape

Not sure I have ever listened to Soundowl before, but stumbled across it whilst searching for a track online. Very simple layout, although perhaps too simple (time stamp?), and not sure about the accuracy of the tracklisting (unless it’s other related tunes?).

Anyways, this mix is great fun. Electronic/house/brash party stuff. Anyone that can name the track just over a third of the way in wins a prize.*

*There is no prize.

Partysmartie – Party Tape Mix Tape

(Link no longer available)



I can’t always tell the difference between genres, sub-genres, demi or quasi-genres, so this could be deep house or deep techno, or 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, or whatever.

Anways, it’s called ‘Everless’ by &ME, from the 2012 album ‘Workparty Three’ on Keinemusik.

Works for me.