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Death Grips world tour?









“Death Grips breaks up, announces world tour”

No, not a Daily Mash article…



The Powers That B

Oh, Death Grips. You tricky fucksters.

If you believe the hype, then the ‘much anticipated’ second part (Jenny Death) of two-parter album The Powers That B, is being released at the end of this month. This is one of the tracks, which they have kindly posted on YouTube in advance.

Hoping that they keep going despite the break-up announced last year. And then releasing an album.

And another one.

And also a couple of videos….

Update: The full album is now available here.

Death Grips


Death Grips. A study in cataclysmic techno fuck-up heavy beats, with absurd levels of hype and don’t give a fuck.

Broken up. Not broken up. Broken up. Not broken up.
Broken up. Not broken up. Broken up. Not broken up.
Broken up. Not broken up. (repeat ad lib)

Ok, fellahs. We surrender. You win.

Fashion Week

Those sneaky folks at Death Grips.

After being a bit nonplussed with the recent track ‘Inanimate Sensation’, they’ve released a full instrumental-only album. No vocals, no MC Ride. No shouting and general angriness. Listen to the whole playlist on YouTube. Download it for free. Whatever.

After a couple of listens I clocked that the track titles spell out JENNY DEATH WHEN (yes, some of the titles are therefore the same – helpful). So does that mean we’re going to get the second album for The Powers That B, which was going to be called Jenny Death? Is this it? Was Inanimate Sensation a ruse? (channelling Archer there) Are they going to release a separate vocals-only album and expect us to mix the two ourselves? Is this a nice freebie?


Like I said: sneaky.

Anyways, whether they’re messing with people or not, this album as it is sounds great. Some of the tracks are a bit more accessible than earlier stuff and I could almost imagine at least one being played by more housey DJs. Certainly hoping there’re more to come. But have given up trying to second-guess what’s next.


UPDATE: Article here on potentially unparalleled levels of internet and fanbase trolling by the band. Or fakes. Or….

Angles & Devils

So, sticking with the Death Grips theme, this is the charmingly-titled ‘Fuck a Bitch’ by The Bug (aka London-based Kevin Martin) on Ninja Tunes (2014).

It’s from the album Angles & Devils, released in August, and features Death Grips. Having given a cursory listen the rest of the album, I think this is one of the better tracks. As one of the comments on YouTube points out, it sounds pretty much like standalone Death Grips.

Not one of the most amazing tracks I’ve posted here, but just curious to see what kind of collaborations the Death Grips team have been doing. As people ask, have they *really* broken up? Will they be back?

Inanimate Sensation

This is a new Death Grips track, out a couple of weeks ago, called ‘Inanimate Sensation’. Yes, they broke up in 2014, but we’re still promised the second part (‘Jenny Death’) from their two-part album ‘The Powers That B’.

The first part came out in June.

I’ll confess this latest track hasn’t grabbed my attention in the same way as others (although I’m sure they’ll get over it). Part One of TPTB was an awesome album, so waiting to see what else they have in store for us.

Musical highlights from 2014?

With the various ‘best of 2014’ lists doing the rounds, I decided I should throw in my two cents and post a few of my own favourites.

Loads of great new music to choose from, and the Dead Albatross 2014 music prize picked out a fair share (do take a look, especially The Mistys), but here are ten that caught my ear this year (or in the case of the video from Petrels, my eye). Pretty sure I’ve posted them all previously, but it was interesting to go back through the blog myself and rediscover some I’d (temporarily) forgotten about.

This is in no particular order, and leaves out too many awesome tunes that are also worth a listen. Check out the rest of the blog for just a few of them.

As ever, hats off to all the folk out there creating, discovering, or sharing new music (many of whom will readily recognise what follows). Shouts to Mark Cunliffe and the gang at Dandelion Radio, DJ Kamikaze, Feed Me Weird Things, Dukla Prague Away Kit, Mike Darkfloor and all the good folk on Future Music FM, Codex of Plant Responses, Julius Cage of Sounds, and Ear Spook Radio to name but a few.

Thanks all.

So, without further ado…

There’s No Need To Be Frightened
by Hugo Kant
I really should have listened to this much more than I have. It’s great.


Katharina 22 b
by Petrels
Love the video.

Attica 22 b from nicholas mortimer on Vimeo.

Billy Not Really
by Death Grips
Although in July they also announced they were breaking up, via the medium of napkin.

Dancefloor Nemesis
by Dead Fader
Noise music at its finest.

Feel Awful
Bought the album on the strength of this track alone.

Frozen Berries
by Little Spoon
The whole album is brilliant.

Pushing On (Tchami Remix)
by Oliver $ & Jimi Jules
More housey than my usual fare, but a great remix.

Pollution (feat. Nita Disaster)
by Dementio13
Another cracking album. Buy it, you won’t regret it.

Shock Out (feat. Nu Jam)
by Lady Waks and Marten Hørger
Awesome breaks.

Galactic Face-Funk
by Stuey Valentoni
Listen to the whole album. Even if the song titles are less than subtle.