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Future Music 26

This show starts off with a few tracks from albums shortlisted for this year’s Dead Albatross music prize, with some dancehall, dub and beats. Dead Albatross is a community-run competition for new UK and Irish music, with the occasional re-release. I’ve been involved the last couple of years as part of the growing group of people who try to work out their top picks from the shortlist and it’s a lot of fun so wanted to play a few tracks for this show.

The second half focuses on more up-tempo stuff, mostly with some newer breaks and DnB to round things off.


Miss Red – Sugar

Melt Yourself Down – Dot To Dot
Onoe Caponoe – Vapours In Abyss
Creation Rebel & New Age Steppers – Chemical Specialist
Floating Points – Preoration Six
Appart – Un Monde Neuf et Beau
Meat Katie – Next Life
Chimpo – Bedsprings Riddim
Miss Keit – Riffen
Fractale – Pollution
Rainforest – The Returned
Any Colour You Like – Dawn Whispers


…of Blood

Just a quick post tonight as I try to finalise my top picks from the Dead Albatross prize shortlist. Some amazing albums and proving really tricky to whittle down the last few.

This is one of them, ‘…of Blood’ by Liberez, from the album All Tense Now Lax. Nicely atmospheric.

The deadline is tomorrow…

Musical happenings

Have’t posted much recently, but this out just today from Midwich Youth Club (aka Allan R Murphy) gives me a good excuse.

This is ‘Force Feedback’ from an album of previously unreleased material entitled ‘Early works Vol 1: Perricoma 2000 – 2001’. Scroll down the Bandcamp page for a nice spiel about where it came from and what Allan was up to back then.

Sometimes a bit hit and miss putting out tracks which until the recent past had languished in cardboard box or on a hard drive somewhere, perhaps for good reason, but this is definitely a winner. Some familiar future echoes of firm favourite ‘Gamification‘, out last year.

In other news, am excited to say Dead Albatross 2015 is around the corner. The alternative to the Mercury Prize championed by Kamikaze (aka Paul Ackroyd) which showcases new music from the past 12 months from the UK and RoI. Really enjoyed being part of the extended folk picking out their top ten from the shortlist last year. The shortlisting process for 2015 is currently underway and they’re looking for suggestions for new albums, so get in touch. Looking forward to seeing what new musical gems are in store. It will be announced on 9 September (I’ll be away but hoping to keep in touch with it all). The winners will be announced on Wednesday 28 October.

Might have some other musical news in the near future, but will wait until a bit closer to the time.

Dead Albatross winners!

Forget the Mercury Prize, tonight’s Top 5 for the 2014 Dead Albatross were:

1. Ibibio Sound Machine (winner)
2. Shopping
3. Good Throb
4. Millie & Andrea
5. The Soundcarriers

Really fun being a part of the voting this year and picking my top ten from the shortlisted 25 albums, which are all (ok, mostly all) well worth a listen. You can find them all on www.deadalbatross.com. And if you want to own one all to yourself, you can get 10% off the shortlist at Norman Records too, which is nice.

My top ten as I had them were as follows:

1. The Mistys
2. A New Line (Related)
3. Dolly Dolly
4. Millie & Andrea
5. Matt Elliott
6. Kate Tempest – I considered a veto given she was shortlisted for the actual Mercury, but was too good to exclude
7. Ex-Easter Island Head
8. Good Throb
9. The Soundcarriers
10. Stefan Jaworzyn

While I didn’t place Ibibio as high, it really was a quality shortlist and pretty tough to rank them once I’d found my top five or so. Personally, The Mistys were my stand-out favourite after just the first couple of tracks and they stayed in top place despite repeated listening to the competition.

A real pleasure getting to know the shortlist. A big shout out and thanks to DJ Kamikaze and all the folks behind this year. As ever, reassuring and amazing there is so much good stuff out there – and dedicated people creating, discovering and sharing great, new music.

Bring on Dead Albatross 2015.

“Like carrying a dead albatross round your neck for eternity.”

That’s how Damon Albarn is reported to have described potentially winning the Mercury Music Prize when Gorillaz withdrew from the shortlist in 2001.

And as some critics may see Mercury as “a pointless exercise”, the Dead Albatross returns…

The Dead Albatross alternative music prize, timed to coincide with Mercury, is back for a second year. You can take a look at the shortlist here. And if you fancy yourself a music lover (or critic), you can also get involved and sign up to help give your two cents on who your favourites are (I already have).

Mighty music blog Dukla Prague Away Kit does it more justice than I ever will.

The winners will be announced next month. Now get listening!