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We Want Your Soul

Ok, so have been listening to this on repeat all day, so it must be worth a mention. ‘We Want Your Soul’ by Adam Freeland (2003). He’s actually from the UK, but you’d never know it from this. Heard it recently, and trying to convince myself whether or not I heard it first time around. I should have, since it made the charts and is distinctive enough, but it’s been long enough and I’ve certainly not heard it much in the past decade or do.

A great video. Awesome message on consumerism (note 2003), but also reckon it fits with the current political mood in the UK 12 years later.

Resistance is futile.


Cat Treats

This is from California-based Bil Bless, with an awesome electronica/hip-hoppy feel. ‘Cat Treats’ from the unfairly-titled ‘The Pointless Album’ which came out in November last year.

A few nice tunes, with some more along the lines of breakbeat later on, but this one grabbed my attention. Love the change around 1,18 which brings in the orchestral-style distorted guitar (and then again later).