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Future Music 36

This week’s show delves into the light and darker sides of electronica, glitch, beats and IDM from around the world. Most of them are new releases, and while there are a few labels in there, most of them are self-published.


Future Music 32

The last full show of 2016, with some great picks of new techno, beats and electronica, including a couple from a whopping new 88-track release on Section 27 records. Thanks to everyone who’s been tuning in and supporting the show over the last year, fellow podcasters and Future Music djs, as well as all the folks making and sharing new music . Bring on 2017!


Z-Arc – Displacement Field
Sigma_Algebra – Fi
Paul Zweimal – Kind Kollapse
Pessimist – Balaklava
Dinamite – Excelsior
Kaeba – Equinox
Fourth Dimension & Unhappiness – All Today’s Parties (1)
Fabrics – Assembler (Kawatin Remix)
The Villain – Causa
Polygrim – Vagabond

Future Music 26

This show starts off with a few tracks from albums shortlisted for this year’s Dead Albatross music prize, with some dancehall, dub and beats. Dead Albatross is a community-run competition for new UK and Irish music, with the occasional re-release. I’ve been involved the last couple of years as part of the growing group of people who try to work out their top picks from the shortlist and it’s a lot of fun so wanted to play a few tracks for this show.

The second half focuses on more up-tempo stuff, mostly with some newer breaks and DnB to round things off.


Miss Red – Sugar

Melt Yourself Down – Dot To Dot
Onoe Caponoe – Vapours In Abyss
Creation Rebel & New Age Steppers – Chemical Specialist
Floating Points – Preoration Six
Appart – Un Monde Neuf et Beau
Meat Katie – Next Life
Chimpo – Bedsprings Riddim
Miss Keit – Riffen
Fractale – Pollution
Rainforest – The Returned
Any Colour You Like – Dawn Whispers

Future Music 19

While this show starts off with a more housey number than usual, with a quick dip into hip-hop, it soon gets into some heavy beats and the more abstract and drone side of things (with one track on reflection offering a pretty hefty homage to Andy Stott). Finishes with an inevitable nod to the impending EU referendum vote. 19/06/16


Cri – Why I Love You (ft. Ouri & Odile Myrtil)
Bil Bless – the Top of Nowhere
Djar One – Gimme that (ft. Venomous2000)
Grapefruit – Heaven’s Gate
Room of Wires  – Input7
Andres Komatsu – Gibaud
Keepsakes  – Here Comes Grandad
Mas – Kholat Syakhl
Kyle Monroe – A Dead Sea
LDUK – The Final Countdown (Dubstep Remix)

Future Music 18

My latest show for Future Music FM. Starts off with some really quite lovely vocal electronica, runs through beats, breaks and techno, before finishing with some Russian breakcore (which is either borderline unlistenable or the best track I’ve heard in ages). 05/06/2016


Emilie Zoé – My Shadow On The Wall
Ingrid Lukas – We Are
Clark – Growls Garden
Sleeptalks – Bamalam
Arshaw – Balafon Riddim
Bovaflux – Sikamore
Alexandroid – Olainfarm
Meat Katie – Bizarre Is Beautiful
Clouds – Consciousness (Randomer Remix)
Kleqq – Driver
DaGeneral and Crossfader – Player (Luke Creed Remix)
Noistruct – No Mate (Original Version)
Arachno Purgatory – Omen Of The Curse

Future Music FM #13 27.03.16

Latest show for Future Music FM. Some softer tunes to start with, including a good few new releases. The last third gets a bit heavier, but hopefully all entertaining.


Laurence Made Me Cry – Melete
Kana Wakareno – Lost Summer Day Dreaming
DÉVÅZ – 125 Mg Zoloft
High Fall – Weak Current
NoGht – Questions
Protman – 132boof
Goreshit – 6th dose (blue)
Lamont Kohner – Dissident
Letzte Ausfahrt Leben – Without Control
Thed Drugg – Fuckers (Broad Rush Remix)
Tiger Mendoza – Knockout Crooks