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Future Music 24


The Happy Mondays provide a suitable opening track for my 24th show for Future Music FM, which is a pretty mixed bag in terms of genres but a few tunes that are worth a listen (although I would say that). Bassy beats, possibly trap, something electronic, something folky, a smattering of techno and a couple of band numbers to finish. Mostly new(ish) releases, but it starts and finishes with a couple of classics.


I Could Tell You, But I’d Have To Kill

With most of my music time during the week taken up with finding tracks for the next Future Music show, I realise I’m not posting individual tunes as much on ze blog, so here’s one I just heard today.

‘I Could Tell You, But I’d Have To Kill’ from the debut album of Unloved, a band based in LA.

Some nice tones, the higher-pitched synth line a contrast from the fuzzier guitar side of things. Like it. If they head to London, I may check them out.

h/t Weirdos Are Heroes


This is the Siriusmo remix of ‘Animal’ by Hundred Waters. An american group from Florida. First I’ve heard of them, but have been around a couple of years and at least one of their more recent videos I’ve seen has upwards of half a million hits, so they aren’t exactly niche…

Anyways, this has a cool little organ riff.



Coming Back To You

This reminds me a bit of Supergrass (or more accurately Gaz Coombes’ more recent solo stuff). ‘Coming Back To You’ by Sans Parents.

A short track with a damn catchy chorus. Curiously, the track has more than 15,000 plays on Soundcloud, but the band themselves have fewer than 150 followers. About 1,500 plays on YouTube. I only heard it when it automatically cued up behind something else as a suggested track. Would be interested to know how that’s working. Was it used on a TV ad or something? Some of their other tracks sound ok, but this one definitely has the successful ‘single’ vibe about it.

Anyways. Music.

Jungle By Night

Heard a version of this track on the Voice of Cassandra show (or Les Voix de Cassandre in its native Paris) and think its sounds absolutely smashing.

‘Desdemona’ by Dutch group Jungle By Night.

That percussion. The groove. Magic.


So, this is a slight departure. From French clarinettist, ‘Yom’, aka Guillaume Humery. Yep, that’s right. A clarinet player.

But this is pretty decent. Electrics and other stuff, nice atmospheric builds, drums, but his playing style is most definitely klezmer (I had to look up the name, but you’ll recognise the sound).

This is Yom & The Wonder Rabbis, with ‘Kaddish for Superman’ on Buda Musique (2011). Not actually sure if/where you can buy the digital album. Anyone that finds out where, wins a prize.*

*There is no prize.

Liquid Lunch

A bit more rocky. This is ‘Liquid Lunch’ by The Dance Asthmatics, from Christchurch, New Zealand. Released in November last year.

Haven’t quite worked out the lyrics yet, but it’s a great, driving riff underneath.

Nah-nah nah-nah. Nah-nah nah-nah. (Repeat)

h/t Dandelion Radio’s Kevin Robinson.