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Just a quick post with an awesome video for a dark, minimal track. This is ‘Stave’ by Eric Holm on Subtext Recordings. Sounds like the rest of the EP is similarly full of dread. Time to delve in.

h/t DVNT



++strobe warning++

This video is pretty terrifying, but is absolutely appropriate for a song I heard just tonight on a three year-old mix from French show the Voice Of Cassandre, which randomly popped up on my Mixcloud playlist. This is ‘Prism Portraits’ by MYTHS, a now disbanded project by a Canadian duo Lief Hall and Quinne Rodgers (although who seem to be doing their own things musically elsewhere, which after a cursory listen also sound pretty good).

Utterly brilliant, shouty, electronic ragemusic.

Enjoy, but maybe don’t look directly at it for too long.

We Want Your Soul

Ok, so have been listening to this on repeat all day, so it must be worth a mention. ‘We Want Your Soul’ by Adam Freeland (2003). He’s actually from the UK, but you’d never know it from this. Heard it recently, and trying to convince myself whether or not I heard it first time around. I should have, since it made the charts and is distinctive enough, but it’s been long enough and I’ve certainly not heard it much in the past decade or do.

A great video. Awesome message on consumerism (note 2003), but also reckon it fits with the current political mood in the UK 12 years later.

Resistance is futile.

Death Grips


Death Grips. A study in cataclysmic techno fuck-up heavy beats, with absurd levels of hype and don’t give a fuck.

Broken up. Not broken up. Broken up. Not broken up.
Broken up. Not broken up. Broken up. Not broken up.
Broken up. Not broken up. (repeat ad lib)

Ok, fellahs. We surrender. You win.

Space fireworks

Not my usual fare, but this is an awesome video from the European Space Agency of an Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) deliberately burning up on re-entry after delivering supplies to the International Space Station.

Have you seen the end of the film ‘Gravity’?

Europe’s space freighter ATV Jules Verne burning up over an uninhabited area of the Pacific Ocean at the end of its mission.

ATV Jules Verne was the first of ESA’s Automated Transfer Vehicles to bring supplies to the International Space Station and help keep its orbit 400 km above our planet.

A final deorbit burn at 14:58 CEST on 29 September 2008 slowed Jules Verne’s velocity by 70 m/s and spacecraft entered the upper atmosphere at an altitude of 120 km at 15:31 CEST. It broke up at an altitude of 75 km with the remaining fragments falling into the Pacific some 12 minutes later.

The planned reentry into the atmosphere was filmed from a DC-8 aircraft as part of an observation campaign including recording from the Station itself, as well as from two specially-equipped observation planes located in the vicinity of the ATV’s flight path in the skies above the South Pacific. The campaign served to determine whether the vehicle’s breakup matched computer modelling.

Katharina 22 b

Attica 22 b: A film by Nicholas Mortimer

Track is ‘Katharina 22 b’ by Petrels, from the album Mima. According to the artist: “This album is intended to be listened to loudly. For all lost cosmonauts.”

h/t @maxcoopermax

(Update: later saw the vid had become password-protected for some reason and had a lucky guess on my third attempt – try ‘attica’ if needed.)

Low Earth Orbit

Now THIS is probably one of my favourite things I’ve stumbled upon so far this year. Hat tip to @tone_poet for including this in an awesome mix, but combined with the video it’s a lovely meeting of my musical and space/scifi worlds.

Beautiful video. Beautiful sounds.

‘Low Earth Orbit’ by Grains of Sound.