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Future Music 38

This week’s show starts off with some electronica and IDM before heading into techno territory and then getting a bit more abstract and ambient. Mostly new releases, including one from Wizards Tell Lies, where you can hear some guy called John Lunny on the saxophone (and it was a lot of fun to see it all come together). Keen listeners will hear some extra ‘Hudson’ from Aliens at the start of the show. Thanks, Bill.


Future Music 35

After a pretty noisy show last time, this one starts off a bit more on the deep house side, before going through ambient, IDM, electronica and a dash of techno.


Tim Jackman – Smaragd
MRMVN – K3rn3l
Oudeis – Igneous flash
Meat Katie & Ben Coda – Just Quiet
Silikat – 2Pad (Hetan Remix)
Ariadne’s Labyrinth – Music Machine
PRCA – Detached Enlightenment and the Killing Machine
Shkedul – ID91
Glenn Wilson – Boot Up Protocol
Entaclishus – Memoria
Heskinradiophonic – Little England

Future Music 33

Given this show was due to go out on Future Music FM on New Year’s Day, I thought I’d better tone down the industrial techno and breakcore side of things, so this is a smoother show than usual, with a mix of beats, ambient and house to ease you into 2017. Mostly. Happy New Year!


Beastie Boys – I Don’t Know
The unused word – Lava
Mas – Hélas
Ex-Easter Island Head – Mallet Guitars Three Third Movement
Room of Wires – Used
Ingrid Lukas – We Are Remix 2
cyclic_db – ink
Cristian Vogel – Bootstraps
CRi – Sleeping on a Wave
Crisopa – Planets With Lava Oceans
The Natural History Museum – Daga Gadol (Sunken Foal RMX)
Micol Danieli – Micol Danieli XP001 [Feat ANB]
Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal
Clark – The Pining, Part 2
DSO8 – Goodbye

Future Music 28

A fair bit of Russian dubstep in this show, and definitely a couple of darker tracks compared with the Latin vibes of the show #27, but a mix of other styles as ever. Also a brief trip to the 80s with Tears For Fears.


Reform-1 – The Other #1
Dementio13 – This Is Freefall
Audiovoid – Sometime All The Time
E110101 – 000037
Democide – Requis
Shadowcomplex – Scare Tactics (Shcuro Infiltration Tactic Remix)
Violet7rip – Empty hearts
Πлачь Ʒемля – Волколак
Tears For Fears – Shout
Ikarus – Ryuujin
Shape Worship – Tamesis (Laura Cannell remix)
Letmeknowyouanatole – Goodnight

Future Music FM #17 22.05.16

My latest show for Future Music FM. Techno, some occasionally shouty electronica and a even a jazzy laid-back vocal number.


Myths – Deadlights
Nanocult – Fleeting Illusion
Raime – Dead Heat
Meeting By Chance – Moon Rock
Tipper – Odd From Every Angle
Any Colour You Like – Orange Beacons
Niels Gordon – Pio
Bajram Bili – Ice Scraper
Israel Toledo – Dust To Dust
Thomas Heckmann – Acid To The Future
Awake In The Dew – Awakening The Cosmic High-Self

Future Music FM #16 08.05.16

Show 16 for Future Music FM starts of with something moderately heavy and sort-of metallic from Russia, before going variously through dubstep (or ‘trap’?), mostly techno, something a bit more abstract and then a couple of more upbeat numbers to finish, including a nice little number from Japan. Not much talking this show!


Spanky – Tears (Intro)
Fu*king Great – Left 4 Dead
Temisan Adoki – Untitled
ABSOLV – Absolution
Parrish Smith – Revolution Will Always Be Televised
Gragee Pikanen – Elexir
Paintrain – Origins
Ceren Tekno – Haarp
Klammklang – Net
Subrealms – Exit
Cwtch – I Drove To The River
Kenta Tamaya – そのぬくもりが (Its Warmth)