Future Music 20

A sci-fi soundtrack special for show number 20. More classical than techno this time, if you like that sort of thing, although there’s still a bit on the electronic side of things.

Hans Zimmer and James Horner understandably make a couple of appearances, although that wasn’t deliberate.

The soundtrack for the Total Recall remake was a bit of a surprise, actually. While I prefer the original film, the music of the 2012 version has its moments.


Alex North –  Main Theme [2001: A Space Odyssey]
Hans Zimmer – Stay [Interstellar]
Clint Mansell – Welcome to Lunar Industries [Moon]
Ennio Morricone – Humanity Pt. 2 [The Thing (1982)]
Alan Silvestri – Main Title [Predator]
Harry Gregson-Williams – The Dream [Total Recall (2012)]
Rob D – Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Mix) [The Matrix]
John Carpenter – Main Theme [Escape from New York]
James Horner – Main Title [Alien]
James Horner – Spock (Dies) [Star Trek II]
Peter Schickele & Joan Baez – Rejoice in the Sun [Silent Running]
Brian May – End Title [Mad Max 2]
Tykwer, Klimek & Heil – End Title [Cloud Atlas]
Vangelis – Tears in Rain [Blade Runner]


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