Future Music FM 08.11.15

My latest show for Future Music is on the archive. Starts off with some nice electronica and more bands-y stuff, but also gets into the heavier end of DnB, breakcore etc. Quite a few of the noisier tracks I’m liking seem to be coming out of Russia at the moment.


DÉVÅZ – Insomniac II
Lunar Bear – Rain and Sun
Morgan – Heat
Storms With Windows – Daleks and Dandelions
Violet7rip – Черные пустоши (tr. Black Desolation)
Antonio Ruscito – Secondo Segnale (Acid age mix)
Oudeis – Battalion
Audiovoid – Cinematic
Rotten Blood – 60ЯЁ
Encono – Confession Of The Innocent (Torture RMX by RMSSSI)
Shotgun Orchestra – Frozen Puppet
k.TAMAYAN – Sleep in Eden


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