Introducing… Future Music FM

Really pleased that my first show for Future Music FM went out on Sunday night. A mix of some of my old favourites (Pilotpriest, Dead Fader) and newer tracks (Forlorn, Silicon Scally  and others).

Will be going out for the first time on Future Music FM at 11pm on Sundays, every other week. So the next show is 25th October. I’ll be reposting the Mixcloud archive, so if you follow me on there I think that should show up.

Interesting being on the other side of the speakers for once. Just about getting used to hearing my own voice back. Do I really sound like that?

Cheers again to Mike Darkfloor for sorting it.

Show two will maybe a bit heavier than the first and after getting into some serious breakcore recently, show three is shaping up to be pretty punchy.

Hoping it will get a bit more polished as I go, but so far so good!


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