Insomniac and musiac

I fucking love this track.

A brand new release today I stumbled upon whilst delving into the depths of Bandcamp. ‘Insomnia II’ by DÉVÅZ. A real mix of styles. A band feel, but seems to be driven by one man, Washington DC-based Corbett Blair. Some decent synths and sequences. Vocals. Love the high melody when it comes in.

In other news, after lots of listening to hours and hours of tunes and mixes, I’m about to start hosting a fortnightly show myself on Future Music FM. An hour slot, fortnightly, from this Sunday at 11pm. Cheer to @DVNT for sorting it. Pre-recorded, but will aim to be on the Twitters when it first goes out in the evening, with the archive going onto Mixcloud later. While there will be quite a lot on the heavy side, it’ll be a bit of a mix of electronic styles and I reckon DÉVÅZ will feature before too long. More to follow.


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