Contest – a board game

Totally unrelated to music or books, but needed somewhere to upload this…

With the Labour Leadership election campaign underway, I had an idea to quickly design a board game. Up to nine players take on the role of the candidates. A mix of dice rolls, strategy cards and random events determine how far ahead or behind they end up in the polls. A minor random factor could influence the final Election, but not if a candidate storms it.

All the game elements are electronic and can be downloaded and printed using the links below (board left half image, board right half image, cards and tokens PDF, rules PDF). Players will need to find a few six-sided dice and some additional tokens to act as cash. You also need a means of tracking the poll ratings.

It was all developed in a day, so may well have some flaws both in terms of mechanics and spelling. It’s free, but if it works and you have fun, maybe give some money to charity or a busker next time you’re passing.

Game board left half

Game board right half

Contest – game cards and tokens

Contest – game rules


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