Supporting MND Vol. 1

So I’ve been meaning to get around to listening to this for a while – a charity album in support of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, put together by Dandelion Radio DJ and music-seeker extraordinaire Mark Cunliffe.

It’s a monster of an album, with the tracks donated by the artists and all proceeds going to charity. The selections are as eclectic as Mark’s regular shows, ranging from the bassy (and then very bassy) ‘gypsy punk’ of the Hallouminati (Derby/Nottingham); to the Amen breaks of Bishop (Cambridge, Ontario), to the more reflective and folky Glenn and the Creeks (Swanage).

Mark told me how he got involved and where it all came from:

Basically, I just decided to do it, I’ve put it together but I have had help along the way for which I’m very grateful. I know from my day job just what a profound and devastating condition MND is and I had started to listen to more and more stuff on Soundcloud. It struck me that some of the artists and bands might be cool to donate their tracks for a good cause and I was finding what I thought was some really good stuff on there. Took a few months and quite a bit of listening and leg work but I’m pleased with what was achieved. 🙂

The likes of ‘Sinister’ by Fox Mind (Birmingham) and ‘Sky Walk’ by Honeybush (US, somewhere?) are some of my favourite numbers on the more electronic side of things, but I also enjoy the annoyingly-catchy chorus on ‘Bone’ by Nina Bowz (Toronto).

I don’t think it’s unfair to say some tracks sound more polished than others, but in truth I’m still getting my teeth into this properly and to some extent that’s part of the charm (and yes, perhaps that’s no accident either). They each bring something to the album and are all worth a listen. And with 32 tracks there should be more than enough for everyone.

You can listen and/or purchase ‘Supporting Motor Neurone Disease Vol. 1’ on Bandcamp, which includes links to all the artists’ own Soundcloud profiles. I’ve asked Mark if that means there will be a Volume 2.

And if you’ve never tuned in to the folk at Dandelion Radio, you really should!


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