So a bit of a double bill here.

Pinar Akbay.

No, not a cocktail, but the Turkish-born creator of some great tunes. The bio on her website speaks for itself, which you can find here.

The first post is in fact from an album of remixed tracks, released yesterday on Section 27 records (the same label that released an 82-track monster of an album back in April).

The second is the original album, entitled ‘Spellbound’, released in April this year.


Both are well worth a listen in their own right, but are also brilliant companion pieces and ‘Spellbound’ has lived up to its name and quickly made it onto my list of favourite albums of the year (so far).

Some haunting melodies, some brutal noise, some decent beats. If I’m being brutally honest, (IMO) I think a couple of the remixed tracks could maybe do with a bit more of the vocals coming through, but that’s splitting hairs on an album which was an instant purchase as soon as I started listening to it.

If it wasn’t for catching the remixes, I would still be ignorant of Pinar Akbay, so here’s hoping there’s more to come.


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