Dementio13 gets modernist with ‘Vkhutemas Vol. 1′

I was looking for some new music this evening and turns out that the excellent Dementio13 (aka Cardiff’s Paul Foster) put out five new tracks earlier this month. I posted profusely (ok, a few times) about the previous offering, VTOL, released back in Feb 2014. Its 13 songs are well worth a listen, so was keen to check out the new stuff.

The EP is called ‘Vkhutemas Vol. 1′. Apparently, Vkhutemas was the Russian state art and technical school founded in 1920 in Moscow. When I asked Paul why the name, he said, “I’m a modernist at heart! In a post-post-modern world!” So fair enough.

All instrumental electronica and beats, and on balance maybe a little darker and harder-edged than VTOL. Sounds great though. Love the juicy riff on this track, ‘Paula from Pemberton’.

I’m guessing that’s Pemberton near Wigan, rather than Pemberton, Minnesota, but I’ll leave that question for another time.