More from CAIN

A new EP from CAIN! Ok, it’s been out a little while…

A track from his last EP ‘Mora’ (which I think at the time was also his first) was actually the first ever post on this blog.

This is ‘Vayu’ from Savan, released in December 2014. Still with Fine Grains Records.

More beats and electronic fun stuff. On the whole, would say it’s a little lighter than Mora (featuring the awesome droppy bassness of ‘Blainn’), but only by a sliver. Also worth comparing and contrasting this track, Vayu, with Mora’s ‘Shipwright’.

The accompanying blurb is actually quite nice, so have copied it below. We’re told to expect a third EP ‘slice’ ahead of a full debut album. As far as appetisers go, they’re pretty tasty.

“Highland producer CAIN returns to Fine Grains for the Savan EP, the second in a trilogy of releases leading up to his debut album. While the Mora EP was inspired by the haunting landscapes of Slavic nightmares, ‘Savan’ is about hazy and powerful dreams, with a focus on India. Probably best described as Daphni via Delhi, ‘Nagan’ from the EP has already picked up support from the likes of Jackmaster, Optimo and Waze & Odyssey via a limited vinyl release by our friends at Highlife. It is with much excitement we release the full Savan EP supplemented with excellent remixes by Morgan Zarate & Slackk.”

Right. Now to listen to this album again. And then listen to Mora a few more times as a refresher.