Requiem for Charlie Hebdo

I struggled to get my head around all the issues related to the Paris attack and am not going to post anything further here on the whys, wherefores and politics. I tried to find a song on Wednesday night that could say it for me, but couldn’t. Some of them had the emotion, but even among the ones I loved (RATM, obvs), it turns out lyrics depend so much on the context.

At the same time, this was the first time I saw anything remotely political hit the likes of Mixcloud, showing how some of my favourite music mixers were compelled to draw together even the most basic tones to express how they felt. This one link was a guy in Switzerland recording it on the day. It is crude, atonal and raw. But music is often a touchstone for things people can’t say.

So on the face of it, that’s why I eventually settled for crudely defacing Banksy’s picture of “Girl With a Balloon”. A bit sad. A bit of hope. A bit of France. I think it’s probably ok to graffiti on graffiti.

I can only see (G/g)od looking down at our world saying, ‘See minus. Must try harder.’

Am hoping we can get our collective shit together.



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