Fashion Week

Those sneaky folks at Death Grips.

After being a bit nonplussed with the recent track ‘Inanimate Sensation’, they’ve released a full instrumental-only album. No vocals, no MC Ride. No shouting and general angriness. Listen to the whole playlist on YouTube. Download it for free. Whatever.

After a couple of listens I clocked that the track titles spell out JENNY DEATH WHEN (yes, some of the titles are therefore the same – helpful). So does that mean we’re going to get the second album for The Powers That B, which was going to be called Jenny Death? Is this it? Was Inanimate Sensation a ruse? (channelling Archer there) Are they going to release a separate vocals-only album and expect us to mix the two ourselves? Is this a nice freebie?


Like I said: sneaky.

Anyways, whether they’re messing with people or not, this album as it is sounds great. Some of the tracks are a bit more accessible than earlier stuff and I could almost imagine at least one being played by more housey DJs. Certainly hoping there’re more to come. But have given up trying to second-guess what’s next.


UPDATE: Article here on potentially unparalleled levels of internet and fanbase trolling by the band. Or fakes. Or….


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