Dead Albatross winners!

Forget the Mercury Prize, tonight’s Top 5 for the 2014 Dead Albatross were:

1. Ibibio Sound Machine (winner)
2. Shopping
3. Good Throb
4. Millie & Andrea
5. The Soundcarriers

Really fun being a part of the voting this year and picking my top ten from the shortlisted 25 albums, which are all (ok, mostly all) well worth a listen. You can find them all on And if you want to own one all to yourself, you can get 10% off the shortlist at Norman Records too, which is nice.

My top ten as I had them were as follows:

1. The Mistys
2. A New Line (Related)
3. Dolly Dolly
4. Millie & Andrea
5. Matt Elliott
6. Kate Tempest – I considered a veto given she was shortlisted for the actual Mercury, but was too good to exclude
7. Ex-Easter Island Head
8. Good Throb
9. The Soundcarriers
10. Stefan Jaworzyn

While I didn’t place Ibibio as high, it really was a quality shortlist and pretty tough to rank them once I’d found my top five or so. Personally, The Mistys were my stand-out favourite after just the first couple of tracks and they stayed in top place despite repeated listening to the competition.

A real pleasure getting to know the shortlist. A big shout out and thanks to DJ Kamikaze and all the folks behind this year. As ever, reassuring and amazing there is so much good stuff out there – and dedicated people creating, discovering and sharing great, new music.

Bring on Dead Albatross 2015.


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