Book Three

I rarely post anything about works in progress, but this is a very quick update on ‘Book Three’*. More sci fi. Same universe. Different characters.

After an unplanned break combined with various summer distractions, am getting back into the swing and almost 60k words in. Maybe another 20/25k to go. Not quite the home stretch, but hopefully nearly almost at or over the last set of hurdles.

While one and two were pretty solid as first drafts (IMO), this story has proven a damn sight more complicated. I’m pretty sure there will be the pay-off, but only after a decent bit of editing/re-writing. That said, am also having fun exploring the current plot line which is turning a bit more chilling/unnerving/demented. There is also snow and trees (see above picture of snow and trees).

Which reminds me – I need to finish a first pass at editing Home at some point…


*It does have a title, but I’m just not telling.


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